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IP 6500

IP 6500


Speed control on drawing machine.


IP 6500

This customer manufactures wire enamelling machines. Our IP 6500 rotary potentiometer is mounted on a dancer arm. This dancer controls the speed of the main drive of the drawing machine as a function of the enamelling equipment wire speed. An increase of the diameter of the coil increases the wire speed. The slack in the wire to be coiled-up becomes smaller. This variation of the position of the dancer arm is detected by our IP 6500 and the speed of the wire coil is being reduced and adjusted. Thus the take-up speed of the wire is effectively monitored and regulated constantly.

The main criteria for selecting our IP 6500 are long life and the protection degree IP65, because during the manufacturing process of wire enamelling our customer needs to monitor the operation constantly often over a fairly small electrical angle.

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