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Position Transducers

Injection Molding Machine


Injection Molding Machines


Position Transducers LWH and TLH

In injection molding machines, all values relevant to the process of manufacturing thermoplastic and duroplastic items are measured and stored. The positions of various mechanical parts are measured, as well as pressure and temperature. The goal is to achieve a consistently high quality of molded items and a short preparation time during tool changes.

Function: Either the position transducer LWH or TLH is used for measurements, depending on the mechanical construction of the customer's various products. The effective lengths range from 75 mm on ejection pins and dosing cylinders, to 1500 mm on injection molding aggregates and clamping units.

Production in shifts, shorter cycle times and low tolerances of the molded items require a high reliability and precision from the employed position measurement system.

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