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Series Linear Displacement Transducer - LWG225

  • Electrical range: 225mm
  • Nominal Resistance: 5k0Ω
  • Linearity: ±0.07%
  • Repeatability: <0.01mm
  • Starting Force: 4.5N
  • Environmental Protection Level:: IP65
  • Life Expectency: 50 x 106 movements
  • Resistance Element: Conductive Plastic
  • Electrical Connection: 3 pole socket
  • Dimensions: 354 x 35mm

£552.00 Excl. VAT

Glossary of Specifications Terms

Key Features
  • Twin-bearing actuating rod

  • Mountable over back-lash free pivot heads with a large angle of free movement (up ? 12.5 %)
  • Outstanding linearity
  • Resolution better than 0.01 mm
  • Life (depending on application) up to 50 Mio. movements
  • Protection class IP 65


Accurate measurement with a resistance element of conductive plastic, sprayed on a glass-fibre reinforced substrate.
The wiper system is mounted on the actuating rod and is coupled free of backlash; this guaranteeing the highest accuracy and the longest lifetime. The series can be used in a wide range of applications in mechanical and vehicle engineering industries as well as in automation and robotics technologies, combining remarkable robustness with high accuracy.