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Heavy Duty Potentiometer - AWS360ZE-10

  • Electrical range: 360°
  • Nominal Resistance: 10k0Ω
  • Linearity: ±0.07%
  • Repeatability: 0.002% (0.007?)
  • Starting Force: <10Ncm
  • Environmental Protection Level:: IP65
  • Life Expectency: 50 x 106 movements
  • Resistance Element: Conductive Plastic
  • Electrical Connection: 7 pin connector
  • Dimensions: 82? x 91mm, 10mm shaft

£1014.00 Excl. VAT

Glossary of Specifications Terms

Key Features
  • Gap-free output over all 360?

  • Very high absolute linearity
  • Interchangeable without electrical adjustement
  • Guaranteed 12 bit resolution and repeatability
  • Long life - 50 x 103 movements
  • Robust industrial version with 10 mm shaft
  • Protection class IP 65


This " heavy-duty" version of the 360? potentiometer AW 360 ZE is particularly suited for applications where rough conditions prevail. Its robust construction is especially suited to for industrial plants and heavy engineering industry. The case is waterproof, and the shaft passage is sealed by a gland. Electrical connection is effected on the side by means of a plug. Apart from direct analogue use, it can be used in conjunction with a external A/D converter. In this case, the unit operates as an angle transducer with 12 bit resolution and offering 10 bit absolute accuracy. Contrary to the limitations encountered with other potentiometers, which have a dead band of some degrees which cannot be used, due to its two wipers and its hybrid circuit the AWS 360 ZE can be used over all 360? of rotation. The reset voltage at the beginning and end of the saw tooth are well defined, and there is no function angle tolerance as is normally associated with potentiometers. These features together with output voltage is determined by the applied voltage means that units may be interchanged or replaced without the need to adjust or trim. When turning the axle in cw (view on shaft end) the signal increases. Other output signals on request. The transducer delivers a logical signal quite separately from the analogue output which can be used to inhibit the A/D con-version during the reset period, in order to avoid measuring errors.