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Angle Sensors, Non Contacting - RSC 2801

  • Electrical range: 180°
  • Linearity: ±0,5% of signal range
  • Repeatability: < 0,1% of signal range
  • Starting Force: 0,5 (IP65); 0,15 (IP54)Ncm
  • Environmental Protection Level:: IP54 or IP65
  • Life Expectency: > 50 x 106
  • Electrical Connection: shielded cable with lead wires,
  • Dimensions: See data sheet

£133.70 Excl. VAT

Glossary of Specifications Terms

Key Features
  • contactless, magnetic
  • any angle available from 30? to 180? in 10?-steps
  • output characteristics positive gradient, negative gradient on request
  • optionally push-on coupling or marked shaft
  • simple mounting
  • protection class IP 54 or IP 65
  • high lifetime
  • 5 V-variant fullfills E1-standard
  • internal resolution 13 bit
  • independent linearity ? 0,5%
The contactless sensor utilizes the orientation of a magnetic field for the determination of the measurement angle. Therefore, a magnet is attached to the sensor shaft, the magnetic field orientation is captured with an integrated circuit. An analogue output signal represents the calculated angle. The housing is made of a special highgrade temperature-resistant plastic material. Fixings are in the form of elongated slots which allow simplicity in mounting together with ease of mechanical adjustment. The special backlash-free push-on coupling ensures extremely quick and simple installation. The transducer is not sensitive to either dirt or dampness. Electrical connections are made via a shielded cable with 3 lead wires which is sealed into the housing.